Toyota Land Cruiser


November 22 at 8:48 AM · 

12 hrs ago, I was on HWY 5 south bound, driving 65 mph. All of sudden, I saw the brake lights of the car in front of me and then the airbag covered my face. A split second prior, I heard the sounds of cars crashing; only to be followed up by more crashing sounds around as I can only hear for my face was completely engulfed in the airbag and the smoke…

As I lay in my own bed, I can only be grateful that I'm not on some hospital bed. A few scratches and bumps, here and there, but no broken bones.

My poor truck, I hope my friends at Kim's Auto Body can revive it, otherwise no more meat harvested from Hualapai. This Thanksgiving, I'll have to settle with store bought turkey and not so wild ham.

Thank you God!!! I owe you another one.