Canada 2023
May 5-10, 2023
TEXADA Island - Kevin Joe


Just landed in Vancouver to catch a little dinky plane to take me somewhere. Running around to figure where the South Terminal is, I asked a nice Canadian couple where I might catch the transfer....

They were at the airport to pickup a pup who was just adapted from Korea. And of course, it had to be a Jindo. And I just happened to have a hand-towel that was gifted to me by the Governor of Jindo.

When I told them that today is "Jindo-Day", they just about lost it... lol.




Made to the South Terminal with only a few minutes to spare, thus the seat right behind the pilots.

Even the ferry ⛴️ride was very tight.

Found a cool dog right in front of us.


Texada Island, my resting place for the remainder of this week.

I say, I deserve it.


Dinner with the sunset view, along with the live music by the host.

Wagyu beef dinner caps off a very lackadaisical and a restful day. Because of the rain, we even scrapped the fishing plan, allowing me to sleep/nap most of my day away - Psalm 127 2 in practice.

Now I'm ready to return to SiliconValley to knock the PestSchool project out of the park. God is good.