2023 Elk Hunt
@Grand Canyon (Hualapai Nation)
Oct 6-10, 2023


Between the COVID and my wife being ill, I was not able to take advantage of the Elk Tag I was given several years ago.† Miraculously, the F&S Department was able to revive the tag on the west side of the reservation for this year.

After booking the trip, I came to realization that I was in no shape to drive down to AZ, let alone actually haul the elk out of the canyon after the kill.† Thatís when by hunting buddy, Terry, stepped up.† He volunteered to drive me there and also use his truck for hunt where I can get my rest and he would be doing all the heavy lifting.

True to his word, he did everything. When we saw the herd of elks moved very quickly into the canyon, he ran after them and was able to make kill.† Although it was my tag, I simply was not up to hunting.† I didnít even take my Sako 300 WinMag; I brought the newly acquired 44 WinMag carbine which didnít have a mounted scope.

Oh, this trip was written off as a business trip, since was checking out trailer Terry & I purchased then loaned to Robert to operate.