Connect Silicon Valley

Sep 11, 2019

@ Elk Lodge PaloAlto


Got introduced to this ministry 2 yrs ago.  They don’t gather very frequently, but still has regular meeting where lots of networking happens.

This particular meeting was unit in a sense that the guest speaker was a non-native, African who works at Apple/Google…. at high level management.

During the break, when he found out that I was a Korean, he told he has a confession to make… he has been hooked on “미스터 선샤인” drama. Lol

모임 장소도 특이하다내가 4년전에 가입한 Elk Lodge인데 상당히 비싼 건물을 소유하고 주위에 커다란 행사를 아주 끌어드리는 것이 배울만한 점이었다.