InterNACHI convention 2022

Oct 20 22, 2022

Ontario, CA


Nick, president of InterNACHI - the organization hosting this conference.

Very impressive and professional gathering. Lot to learn from this very enthusiastic and incredibly entrepreneurial gentleman.


Lots of cool gadgets here at PRO INSPECTORS CONVENTION down in Ontario, CA.

Tapping into a new market with new/expert partners.


Results; picked up a few new clients for TermiteKiosk.

Solidified the plan to launch the PestSchool by Dec. with ASCEU.

Seek help from Nate.

Plan to attend the '23 InterNACHI in Atlantic City & NPMA in Honolulu.


JW Pest- customer for 30+ years, started w DOS.

520 Termite - 2 years in AZ

All City Termite - 1 week ago, they signed up with us.

Good meeting customers, always!!!